ATTENTION: Vallersund Farm have put in place measures to help reducing the spread of the coronavirus

This is done in order to shield the health of our villagers, co-workers, their families as well as other partners.

We actively follow the guidelines and recommendations of the National Institute of Public Health in Norway, and have also implemented the following measures:

All major events are cancelled or postponed. Smaller events in the villages are considered on an ongoing basis.

All journeys are cancelled for the time being with immediate effect. Exceptions shall be considered by the administration in the village.

IMPORTANT: Those who, for various reasons, plan to visit Vallersund Farm must contact them by phone in advance on +47 466 64 857


About Vallersund


Vallersund Gård

Vallersund Gård is located on the west coast of the Fosen peninsula, open to the sea. Here there are islands, the ocean and fanciful rock formations as far as the eye can see. Vallersund is an old coastal trading-center which has now become a Camphill village. The farm, the bakery, the weavery and the store give a variety of possibilities for work. There is about 40 people living in the village.

Enquiries: Vallersund gård, 7167 Vallersund
Phone: +47 72 52 70 80 (9-12 AM, Mon.-Thu.)